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About Our Alaskan Dog Musher Tours in Fairbanks, AK

Please let me tell you a little more about my tour. I am trying to provide visitors with an opportunity to experience Alaskan dog musher tours in Fairbanks, AK.  I want to get you out of the crowded "touristy" places, out of the rush of the city, out to the Goldstream Valley.

I want you to relax and make yourself at home. I live on 20 acres of boreal forest — mostly white-barked birch trees and stately old spruce — land that was once homesteaded. You're welcome to explore the forest or let your children burn off a little energy on the grass. I'll teach them my rules for coming into the dog yard before we meet the dogs. I have big dogs and more than anything they want to give you a big kiss in the face. We'll admire and play with the dogs until you are ready to move to the next stop. I'm flexible and want to follow where your curiosity leads us.

Alaskan Dog Musher Tours in Fairbanks, AK

I do one tour a day, so I really look forward to it. The tour is at 10:00 a.m. and runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on how many questions you have. I like questions, so please bring me yours. I'll give you an answer if I know it, and I'll tell you when I don't know the answer. Each musher you meet will probably have a different way of doing things, so expect us to agree on some things and have totally different explanations on others. There is no "proven right way" to be a dog musher. Each person develops a unique relationship with their animals, and the team reflects that relationship in their behavior as a pack of canines.

Family Sled Dog Tours in Fairbanks, AK

Of my 47 years in Alaska, I've had a dog team 43 of those years. I've made mistakes, I've learned many a lesson. I know that if something goes wrong, it's not the dogs' fault, it is my failure to communicate to them what I am asking them to do. They are willing to forgive me, and I am grateful for their big hearts and their intuitive ways of knowing more than I do. Since this is me, Mary Shields, telling you about my tour, I will speak no evil. If you want a real unbiased account—the real lowdown on Tails of the Trail—just take a peek at Tripadvisor.com and read the reviews that this summer's visitors have submitted. I am touched by their kindness and generosity. They give me something to strive for.

Your adventure in Alaska will not disappoint you. I will do my best to be sure you enjoy your visit.

Until Then,
Mary and the "gang"

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