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If you're visiting Fairbanks, Alaska this year and you're wanting to visit an authentic Alaskan dog musher, come out to the Goldstream Valley—9 miles northwest of Downtown Fairbanks—and let me show you around my little piece of heaven.

We'll see if anything's ready for sampling in the garden. This year the flowers out number the veggies, but the giant cabbages are getting impressive.

Next I'll introduce you to my family of happy huskies. (If you're missing your own canine pal from home, you'll get a good dog fix here.) My loving and loyal dogs have taken me down a trail of challenge and adventure through some of the wildest beauty left on Earth. It would be my honor to share some of these experiences with you.

After you see a winter camp, and learn how I fell in love with sled dogs way back in 1969, we'll go in the cabin and have some refreshments. After getting comfortable around the kitchen table I'll compare the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, and share with you how I felt to cross the finish line as the first woman to ever complete the race. Then, I'll recount the greatest adventure of my life so far—the 1,200-mile Hope '91 journey through Siberia.

I keep tour groups small so we can get to know each other, so please make reservations as soon as you know your plans.

Happy Trails and I'll see you in Alaska,

Mary Shields

Alaskan Tails of the Trail

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